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Han Solo is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise created by George Lucas.The character first appeared in the 1977 film Star Wars portrayed by Harrison Ford, who reprised his role in The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983). Ford returned to the role for The Force Awakens (2015), as well as a brief cameo in The Rise of Skywalker (2019) Han Solo, known only as Han until being given the surname Solo by an Imperial recruitment officer, and formerly known as Cadet 124-329 while serving as an Imperial cadet, was a human male smuggler.He became a leader in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and an instrumental figure in the defeat of the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War.He hailed from Corellia and became a smuggler. Han Solo er en oppdiktet rollefigur som opptrer i de tre første produksjonene av den amerikanske spillefilmserien Star Wars og i film nummer sju i denne serien. Han Solo blir spilt av Harrison Ford.I «stjernesagaen» er han eier og kaptein på «stjerneskipet» The millenium Falcon.Assistenten hans er «wookien» Chewbacca. I Star Wars-bøkene fortelles det at Han Solo vokste opp på. Han Solo is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute Solo: A Star Wars Story (or simply Solo) is a 2018 American space Western film based around the Star Wars character Han Solo, also featuring his original trilogy co-protagonists Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian.Directed by Ron Howard, produced by Lucasfilm and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, it is the second Star Wars anthology film, following Rogue One (2016)

Han Solo returns from Battlefront 2015 and plays similarly to the previous iteration. Han is a very capable ranged hero, able to dish out heavy damage with his modified DL-44 blaster pistol. Although he lacks the health and regen to go into extremely dangerous situations, he makes up for it by being able to output some the highest damage as a ranged hero character Solo: A Star Wars Story er en amerikansk spillefilm om Han Solo, en rollefigur fra Star Wars-filmene.Den ble produsert av Lucasfilm etter et manus av Lawrence og Jon Kasdan og ble distribuert av Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.Filmen er den andre frittstående filmen i Star Wars-universet, etter Rogue One fra 2016.. Handlingen er lagt til tiden før den opprinnelige filmen fra 1977, og.

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  1. g a ranged attack, reduce the defender's cover by 1.) Uncanny Luck 3 (While defending, you may reroll up to 3 defense dice.) Weapons: Han's DL-44 Blaster.
  2. Han Solo (født 29 f.s.Y.) var en corellianer gift med Leia Organa Solo.Sammen hadde de tre barn: Jaina, Jacen og Anakin.Solo var opprinnelig smuggler, men ble etter hvert motvillig dratt inn i Opprørsalliansen, hvor han ble helt og general.. Biografi. Han Solo og hans wookie-venn Chewbacca, hadde en lang karriere som smuglere, og fikk seg mange mektige venner og fiender
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  4. Han Solo was one of the many smugglers that worked during the Galactic Empire's reign over the galaxy. He and his pal, Chewbacca, ended up getting involved with the Rebellion when they were hired by Luke and Obi-Wan to transport them to Alderaan. But it turned out that the planet was destroyed by The Death Star, and they ended up boarding the space station. Tier:9-C physically. 9-A with.

Han has +35% Counter Chance and +20% Critical Chance. The first time each turn Han uses his Basic attack, he attacks again dealing 50% less damage. Han takes a bonus turn at the start of each encounter. During this turn Han ignores Taunts and he can only use his Basic ability, but it will Stun the target for 1 turn and can't be Resisted Han Solo is a Star Wars minifigure first introduced in 2000. Since then, a total of seventeen versions of the minifigure have been made, along with two different pieces representing Han frozen in carbonite, and one microfigure for the LEGO Games theme. He is also a playable character in four video games to date in addition to making a cameo in The LEGO Movie (where he was voiced by Keith.

Chuck is Han Solo in the Star Wars game. His ability is to shoot a single red shot 3 times from his blaster based on Ham Solo's. He is turned to carbonite in Cloud City. Name comes from the Angry Birds Online Shop. In the Moon of Endor update, Princess Stella melted the carbonite Chuck was.. Han Solo (portrayed by Harrison Ford) is a protagonist in the original trilogy.He first appeared in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and returned for the rest of the trilogy. Han will be returning for Star Wars Episode VII, and is rumored to be the main character of a stand-alone film.. Fictionally, Han began as captain of the Millennium Falcon, where he and his first mate, Chewbacca, worked. Han Solo is a name given to a small trilobite species from China. Some fossil show the creature inside other living organisms (like a sponge), that suggest that it was a parasite. It lived deep in the dark seas, so it didn't need eyes. It was named after Han Solo from star wars

Han Solo is the arrogant pilot of the Millennium Falcon introduced in Episode IV: A New Hope.He is very good friends with the wookiee Chewbacca, and together they form a strong team and friendship, with Han's blaster and Chewbacca's bowcaster.Han is also the second toughest of all of the good heroes, beaten only by his pal Chewbacca. Han is a skilled repairman and pilot, and he eventually. The relationships of Han Solo 1 Romance 1.1 Qi'ra 1.2 Leia Organa 2 Family 2.1 Ben Solo/Kylo Ren 3 Friends and Allies 3.1 Chewbacca 3.2 Luke Skywalker 3.3 Lando Calrissian 3.4 Rey Before Han met Leia, he was originally in a relationship with a girl named Qi'ra while growing up on the streets of.. Return Fire: After an attack targeting you is resolved, if you did not suffer any , you can interrupt to perform an attack targeting that attacker.Limit once per round

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  1. Han Solo is an unlockable cheat skin that can be used in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. The player can unlock this skin after collecting a certain amount of National Treasures. These are the large grey boxes with a symbol spray-painted on the side. Otherwise the player can just simply go to the factions screen on their PDA and input the following code; Left, Left, Right, Right, Up.
  2. g former smuggler with a heart of gold. As captain of the Millennium Falcon, he and his first mate, Chewbacca, joined the Rebel Allianc
  3. Han Solo, formerly known only as Han until being given the surname Solo by chiefrecruitment officer Drawd Munbrin, was a human male smuggler who became a leader in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and an instrumental figure in the defeat of the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War.He hailed from Corelliaand became a smuggler in the employ of Jabba the Hutt, even completing the.

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Han Solo is a character in the original trilogy an sequel trilogy o the Star Wars universe This page wis last eeditit on 30 August 2020, at 04:05. Text is available unner the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms mey apply. See. Millennium Falcon (6-2018) . Accessories:2 Han Solo pistols, Chewbacca's gun, radar dish, gun mount, Han Solo figure, Chewbacca figure Much like the original version from 2006, this new version of Han Solo transforms into the front half of the Millennium Falcon and can once again combine with Chewbacca, whom he is packaged with. The Falcon's main cannon is made of two pistols molded after Han. Han Solo is a character from the Star Wars media franchise. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 1.2 Possible Opponents 1.2.1 With Chewbacca 2 Physical Appearances 2.1 Star Wars Episode IV to VI 2.2 Star Wars Episode VII 3 Abilities/powers 4 History 5 Death Battle Info 6 Feats Bucky..

Han Solo was a Human smuggler from the manufacturing planet Corellia who achieved galactic fame as a member of the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic. Born on Corellia, he was orphaned at an early age and taken by the pirate Garris Shrike many years before escaping while in his teens. Solo became a smuggler, and fell in love with Bria Tharen, though she left him due to her duties to the. Han Solo was a smuggler and co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon from another galaxy. 1 Biography 2 Behind the scenes 3 Appearances 4 Sources 5 External links Han Solo was a friend of Chewbacca and co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon. On one instance, they accidentally traveled to Earth, and they crashed landed. Han was killed by Indians, but Chewbacca roamed the forest, and was named Sasquatch. Han Solo was a Human from Corellia in the Beta Quadrant who achieved ga. Han and Leia Organa Solo in 40 ABY. lactic fame as a member of the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic.Born on Corellia, he was orphaned at an early age and taken by the pirate Garris Shrike to serve on his crew. He was treated cruelly, and served Shrike for many years before escaping while in his teens

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Han Solo was a Corellian smuggler and hero of the Rebellion, fighting in the Battle of Yavin, the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor. He has appeared in many Lego sets and most of the Lego Star Wars games. Han Solo was an Imperial fighter pilot turned smuggler after the Clone Wars. He won his ship, the Millennium Falcon, in a game with his friend Lando Calrissian. He flew the ship with his. Han Solo is a character in the Star Wars universe. He is portrayed in film by Harrison Ford. He and his Wookiee co-pilot Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) become involved in the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire. Over the course of the Star Wars franchise, Solo becomes a chief figure in the Alliance and succeeding galactic governments. Star Wars creator George Lucas described Solo as a loner. Han Solo(aka Captain Solo, General Solo) is a character from the Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars film series. He may be used in: the Rise Against the Empire Play Set with Disney Infinity3.0 (only)and other Star Wars Play Setsonce the Champion Coin has been collected in each, the Toy Box for Disney Infinity3.0only,and all Toy Box Expansion Games(Disney Infinity3.0). He is sold as a single figure, and. Han Solo is one of the original male protagonists of the Star Wars saga. He is the captain of the Millennium Falcon. In Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars, Pilot Isabella is his rival. Han Solo was a known smuggler and card player along with his friend Chewbacca. At some point in his life, he participated in the Kessel Run, which he infamously completed at twelve parsecs, unknowingly beginning a.

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During his service to the Imperial Navy and remaining out of contact from Shrike in 12 BBY, Solo secretly took his time off and traveled to the penal-colony world of Jubilar at the age of seventeen. He still didn't learn how to fly, but hoped he could have the chance to do so. There, he was sentenced to fight in the Regional Sector Number Four's All-Human Free-For-All for cheating at cards. Han Solo is one of the main characters of the Star Wars film franchise. Appearing throughout the original trilogy, he was once a swashbuckling smuggler alongside his partner, the Wookiee Chewbacca. After helping Luke Skywalker rescue Princess Leia and destroy the Death Star, Han and Chewbacca joined the Rebel Alliance and helped them to eventually free the galaxy from the tyranny of the. Template:Infobox Star Wars character Han Solo is a character in the original trilogy and sequel trilogy of the Star Wars universe. He is portrayed by Harrison Ford. He and his co-pilot, Chewbacca, become involved in the Rebel Alliance which opposes the Galactic Empire. During the course of the Star Wars story, he becomes a chief figure in the Alliance and succeeding galactic governments. Star.

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Han Solo, trapped in Carbonite. Han Solo is a character from the Star Wars saga who can be played in the Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures video game. It is mostly because Indiana Jones and Han Solo are played by the same actor (Harrison Ford).He is also seen in LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy and in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga in most levels Han Solo is a rogue smuggler who goes on to help the Rebel Alliance. He is a friend of Luke Skywalker and eventually marries Leia Organa. He flies a unique ship, Millenium Falcon, with his companion Chewbacca. Never tell me the odds! In this game, Han Solo is a hero character for the rebels who appears on the Kamino, Utapau and Endor maps, as well as Mos Eisley in the Hero Assault mode. His. Han Solo has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions: Add a photo to this gallery Han Solo (The Force Awakens) Han Solo in Carbonite Han Solo (Solo) Han Solo's Speede Han Solo: Gwiezdne wojny - historie (ang. Solo: A Star Wars Story) - amerykański film z gatunku space opera w reżyserii Rona Howarda do scenariusza Lawrence'a i Jona Kasdanów, będący spin-offem serii Gwiezdne wojny, drugim z cyklu spin-offów Historie.. W kinach w Polsce, a także m.in. w USA i Chinach, pojawił się 25 maja 2018 roku

Affiliations: The Fringe, The Rebel Alliance, Chewbacca Once an Imperial officer discharged for saving the life of a Wookiee slave, Han Solo goes on to become one of the best pilots and smugglers in the galaxy. One lost shipment of spice, however, leads to a debt to Jabba the Hutt that Han can't repay, and his shady past comes back to haunt him on Cloud City after the Battle of Hoth. Still. Han Solo was a human smuggler from the planet Corellia who got caught up in Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi's plan to defeat The Empire. He is the captain of the ship 'Millennium Falcon' and is the love intrest of Princess Leia Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford, is a fictional smuggler and reckless mercenary in the Star Wars franchise. Introduced in the film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977), Solo and his Wookiee first mate, Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew), become involved in the Rebel Alliance against the evil Galactic Empire.Over the course of the Star Wars franchise, Solo becomes a chief figure in the Alliance.

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