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10 x Fun facts about England. There are more chickens than people in England; It Is A Criminal Offense to Stick A Postage Stamp To An Envelope Upside Down; French was the official language of England for about 300 years, from 1066 till 1362. It is illegal to die in the House of Common These interesting facts about England related to London are worth knowing. #6: The Big Ben. The real name of Big Ben is the 'Clock tower'. The big bell was nicknamed so and the name stuck as it was more attractive. The most important tourist attraction is the Big Ben London, England was the first city in the world to have an undergound subway system. 36. Queen Elizabeth became the longest-reigning monarch in the United Kingdom in 2015. 37. The oldest home in the U.K. is about 6,000 years old. It is furnished with furniture made of stone, which still remains today. 38 Facts about England . National Symbol and flag. England is 74 times smaller than the USA, 59 times smaller than Australia and 3 times smaller than Japan. England is about the size of Alabama. To find out more click here . Where is England England Facts for Kids. Learn some interesting information about England while enjoying a range of fun facts and trivia that's perfect for kids! Read about the famous scientists England has produced, its islands, rivers, mountains, major cities, population and much more

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England is one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom (UK). It is a country with over 60 counties in it. It is in a union with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.All four countries are in the British Isles and are part of the UK.. Over 55 million people live in England (2015 estimate). This is 84% of the population of the UK. The Capital city of England is London, which is. French was the official language of England for about 300 years, from 1066 till 1362. Public schools in England are in fact very exclusive and expensive (£13,500/year in average) private schools. Ordinary schools (which are free), are called state schools

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England defeats Argentina in a war over Falkland Islands. 1992: Elizabeth II agrees to pay taxes for the first time. 1994: The Channel Tunnel (a.k.a. the Chunnel), under the English Channel, is opened, linking England and France. 1997: Mad Cow Crisis happens in United Kingdom. 200 But despite all this, she rose to become known as one of England's greatest rulers, a legacy that continues today. Here are 10 facts about this extraordinary monarch. 1. She was multilingual A 16th century portrait depicting a young Princess Elizabeth by an unknown artist

Some facts about medieval England will make you laugh, while, others will give you chills. But, for now, let's shower light on a war that happened on St Scholastica's Day, February 10th in 1355 between students of Oxford University and the locals There are so many beautiful places to visit in England you are spoilt for choice. Find out more about English holidays here. 8. Speaking of the Big Apple, the long arm of the New York Police Department stretches all the way to London and is operational in the city. 9. There are around 20 subterranean rivers flowing beneath London's streets. 10 England has an important stake in the origins of Champagne. It might be synonymous with a famous French region, but contrary to popular belief, Dom Perignon didn't invite the signature sparkling wine. Indeed, more than forty years before it's claimed Perignon invented champagne,.

Fact 7: A law says that any boy under the age of 10 may not see a naked mannequin. Fact 8: London is the world's largest financial centre. Fact 9: Windsor castle is the oldest and largest royal residence in the world still in use. Fact 10: French was the official language of England from 1066 to 1362. Go to more country facts So here's 69 fun facts about the UK. Enjoy! 1. Big Ben does not refer to the clock, but actually the bell. 2. London has been called Londonium, Ludenwic, and Ludenburg in the past. 3. French was the official language for about 300 years 4. The shortest war against England was with Zanzibar in 1896. Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes. 5 UK Facts | United Kingdom. Our UK Facts for Kids provide interesting and fun facts about the United Kingdom, its geography, its landmarks and attractions. Here are some interesting UK Facts which were choosen and research ed by kids especially for kids. UK Facts for Kids. The United Kingdom includes four countries

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  1. Here are 25 Interesting Facts About England. 1-5 Interesting Facts About England 1. When the world's largest diamond was transported from Africa to England, elaborate & secure journey by se
  2. Let us know some interesting facts about United Kingdom. Interesting Facts About United Kingdom #1: Drink Drink. London has the credit for the first hot chocolate store ever opened. The English drink the most tea in the world. It is against the law to get drunk in a pub in England. In Scotland, it is against the law to get drunk and possess a cow
  3. ster but then rich people built houses on the Thames between the two cities. 72. In 1666 the Great Fire of London destroyed much of the city because of a fire that may have started in a bakery

Interesting, fast facts about England! Background facts and figures are always useful to get a feeling for a place, here are a few eclectic odds and ends about England and the rest of the UK: The United Kingdom (UK) is an island nation in north-western Europe, composed of the countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (also known as Ulster) Truro is, in fact, Cornwall's only city. For a county this size, that's something of an achievement in and of itself! Cornwall has many famous towns, such as Falmouth, where it is said that news of Admiral Horatio Nelson's death first arose. It's been an important harbour and naval base over the decades It is not only Stilton cheese that is important to the people of the Heart of England. In 1734, the Mayor of Nottingham was bowled over with a 100 lb. wheel of cheese during a riot after stall-holders at an annual street market had increased cheese prices by more than a third 13. Alfred the Great is one of England's most important kings. Alfred, king of Wessex, stood strong against Viking threat and thereby paved the way for the future unity of England, which was brought to fruition under his son and grandsons. By the mid-10th century, the England we are familiar with was ruled as one country for the first time. 14 England har fått sitt navn etter anglerne, den største av de germanske stammene som bosatte seg i England på 400- og 500-tallet. Anglerne har antagelig navn etter halvøya Angeln, som i dag er Danmark og Nord-Tyskland. ( Den videre etymologien til stammens navn er fortsatt usikker, selv om en populær teori sier at man ikke trenger å lete lengre enn til selve ordet angle, og refererer da.

Facts about Manchester England make us learn about the famous city in Greater Manchester, England. In 2013, the city was occupied by 514,414 people. The urban area of Manchester is inhabited by 2.55 million people, which makes it as the second most populous one in UK Top 10 Facts About The United Kingdom! Music: A Way For Me NICOLAI HEIDLAS Thank You for watching! 1: The Queen of the United Kingdom is the legal owner of o.. England: 10 Interesting Facts about the Country (Part of the United Kingdom) - Duration: 7:31. Datacube: awesome facts and interesting top lists 82,993 views 7:3 Fact 14: Henry VIII of England came to power in 1509, while France was ruled by Francis I in 1515. By 1530, Charles V became the Holy Roman Emperor. Prior to this, in 1527, Charles V dismissed Rome in order to prevent the annulment of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, which later led to the establishment of the Church of England 28 Incredible Facts About New England. AKA the best region in the entire country. by Adam Davis. BuzzFeed Staff Getty Images It's older than the country itself, in fact. 7

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England, as part of the UK, joined the European Economic Community in 1973, which became the European Union in 1993. The UK left the EU in 2020. There is a movement in England to create a devolved English Parliament. This would give England a local Parliament like those already functioning for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales Manchester, city and metropolitan borough, northwestern England. It is the nucleus of the largest metropolitan area in the north of England. In many respects Manchester could claim to be the first of a new generation of huge industrial cities created in the Western world during the past 250 years On 21 April 2020, Queen Elizabeth II turned 94! From creating her own breed of dog to sending 50,000 Christmas cards, Her Majesty's certainly been busy over the years. Join us on a trip back through history to discover our favourite facts about the Queen. 15 facts about the Quee She ruled England for almost 45 years, lending her name to a magnificent era in world history known as The Elizabethan Era. She was the fifth and the last ruler of the Tudor reign. Here are some interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth I: Image: 4.bp.blogspot.com. 1. Emergence of the Queen. Henry VIII and Anne Boley In fact, Richard himself only spent about 6 months in England as he was so busy traveling on crusader business. 4. In 1086, 10% of the population recorded in the Domesday Book (a large census) were slaves

We've just published the second edition of the Health Profile for England which provides the most comprehensive look at the state of the nation's health - in one place.Here are 10 important points the report makes about our health today and what it means for our future 7 Fascinating Facts About England's Mysterious Stonehenge. By Jessica Stewart on July 5, 2019 . Stock Photos from The Walker/Shutterstock This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Population: 3.1 million people. 4.8% of the UK population. Location: Wales is on the island of Great Britain, to the west of England. Size: Wales is roughly 20,800 square km in area. Time Zone: GMT Currency: Pound Sterling National Day: St David's Day, 1 March National symbols: The dragon, daffodil and leek are three of a number of national symbols..

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Mary I was the first queen regnant in the history of England but she is more known for the hundreds of persecutions of Protestants that were carried out during her reign. She is condemned for creating an anti-Catholic and anti-Spanish sentiment in England during the time. Here are 10 interesting facts about the life and reign of the queen known as Bloody Mary New England is comprised of 6 states; Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island and these are 100 facts about them. Vermont Used To Be It's Own Country. Because Vermont is so close to the east, you'd think it would be part of the original 13 colonies since it's along the east coast, when in fact, it wasn't Exposure 10 facts about the health of England Health Profile for England 2018 Published 2018-09-11 06:07:32 UTC Story by Public Health England We've just published the second edition of the Health Profile for England which provides the most comprehensive look at the state of the nation's health - in one place.. Here are 10 important points the report makes about our health today and what.

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  1. 49. An important innovation during her reign was the opening in 1962 of a new gallery at Buckingham Palace to display items from the royal collection. The brainchild of the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen's Gallery occupied the palace's bomb-damaged private chapel. It was the first time that parts of the palace had been opened to the general.
  2. New England is one of the most historic and culturally rich regions of the USA. The region was one of the earliest English settlements in the New World following the arrival of the Pilgrims, who set sail from England aboard the Mayflower in 1620 in search of religious freedom
  3. Elizabeth I was one of the great English monarchs. She helped to establish England as a major power. Elizabeth encouraged the English navigators that explored the seas such as Drake and Raleigh and this ultimately was to lead to the British Empire. She also saved her country from an invasion from Spain and also ensured [
  4. New England is the oldest region in the United States. 22. The band Phish got their start right in the heart of Burlington, at the popular Nectar's There are more blueberries grown in Maine than any other state. In fact, the state has 60,000 acres devoted to growing blueberries and produces roughly 98 percent of the wild blueberries in the.
  5. Anne was now Queen of Englandbut not for long. The Tudors (2007-2010), Showtime Networks. 6. She Had a Ghostly Beauty. Although Anne Boleyn had a bewitching magic about her, Jane Seymour was no slouch in the beauty department. Still, she was an acquired taste

15 Fun Facts About Cornwall: 1. Cornwall is the most southwest county of Great Britain, extending into the sea as a peninsula. 2. The name Cornwall originates from the words Cornovii and Waelas, meaning hill dwellers and strangers. 3. Cornwall boasts the longest coastline in Great Britain, extending 433 miles. 4 Facts and events of the New Hampshire colony, one of the original 13 colonies and the first colony to declare its independence from England. whales, fur, and timber were important natural resources for the New Hampshire colony. Much of the land was rocky and not flat, so agriculture was limited Oglethorpe returned to England in disagreement, never to return again. Georgia grew rapidly, and till the revolution, had a population of around 50,000, half of which were slaves. During the American War of Independence, Georgia became the fourth state to ratify the constitution and join the Union, on January 2, 1788. Important Facts

Known as Britain's Ocean City, Plymouth has a truly noteworthy heritage. But how much do you know about this port city and the important part it has played in both British and World history? Here are our top nine fascinating facts about the UK's seaside city of Plymouth: 1. The Pilgrim Fathers Left From [ Top ten facts about rugby The whistle used for the opening match at every World Cup is the one used by Welsh referee Gil Evans for an England-New Zealand match in 1905. 9 Facts About Scotland Situated within vibrant Europe, Scotland is a progressive nation built on innovation, creativity and the fabulous warmth of its people. Here you'll find a range of Scottish facts, from quirky and fun to historic and informative King John (1166-1216) ruled over England from 1199 to 1216. He was born as the youngest of five, but ended up king after his brother Richard named him as his successor

Here are 15 fun facts you may not know about the London Eye. The observation wheel is the United Kingdom 's number one fee-based attraction. In an average year, the London Eye receives more visitors than the Taj Mahal and the Great Pyramids of Giza The city played an important role in England's maritime trade in tobacco, wine, cotton and more. From the late 1600s to the early 1800s, Bristol was involved in a massive slave shipping industry. During WWII the Mercure Bristol Grand on Broad Street was the base for a network of spies who operated out of the building on behalf of the British government New England had squeaked into the post-season as an 11-5 wild card squad. Then, the Pats became the first team in league history to reach the Super Bowl by winning three playoff games on the road

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England and Scotland had always been separate entities. And for much of their history they had been at war in one way or another. In 1603, the Union of Crowns, brought the monarchies of Scotland and England together, with King James VI of Scotland inheriting the English crown and ruling as King James I of England as well London is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom.. It is situated on the River Thames in the south east of the island of Great Britain.. The population in 2016 is estimated to be as much as 8.63 million.London is the third most populous city in Europe, behind Istanbul and Moscow, and the 32nd most populous city in the world, slightly smaller than Chengdu, China

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  1. An innovative approach to teaching plus centuries of experience and old traditions make British education admired and respected across the globe. The best thing about UK education is that no matter what course you attend, you will be encouraged to create new ideas and think for yourself. British education supports students' ability to gain strong knowledge, creative and analytical skills.
  2. I'm passing this information down to my granddaughters. It is especially important now during this time in American history they know how our wonderful country came about. Part of my family has been here since 1632, and part of my husbands since 1635. Your contribution is so important to our future
  3. Horatio Nelson, one of England's most illustrious admirals was throughout his life, never able to find a cure for his sea-sickness. The skeleton of Jeremy Bentham is present at all important meetings of the University of London. Right handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed peopl
  4. What are important facts about new England? Asked by Wiki User. Be the first to answer! 1 2. Answer. Who doesn't love being #1? Be the first to answer this question. Register to get answer
  5. Check Facts about Richard the Lionheart if you want to know King of England. He was born on September 8th, 1157 and died on April 6th, 1199. He was known as a Richard I. He earned the throne of England from July 6th, 1189 until his death in 1199
  6. The Top 10 Important Facts about the Cotswolds The Cotswolds lies in the south of England surrounded by rolling hills and Woodland. It is roughly 25 miles across and 90 miles long, stretching over the boundaries of several English counties
  7. Interesting Facts about English. in no particular order... The most common letter in English is e. The most common vowel in English is e, followed by a. The most common consonant in English is r, followed by t. Every syllable in English must have a vowel (sound). Not all syllables have consonants

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  1. What Are Some Interesting Facts About New England Colonies? By Staff Writer Last Updated Mar 25, 2020 6:52:54 AM ET The social and political structure of the New England colonies was shaped primarily by the harsh geography and the strict Puritan religion of the first English colonists who settled there
  2. The Industrial Revolution was a period between the late 18th Century and early 20th Century, which saw rapid growth in mechanisation, industrial production and change in society. Two stages of Industrial Revolution The first stage of the Industrial Revolution (1770-1870) - Centred on steam, water, iron and shift from agriculture. The second stage of Industrial [
  3. Queen Elizabeth I was the Queen of England and Ireland who ruled for more than 44 years and is considered one of the greatest monarchs in the history of England.Elizabeth had a difficult childhood. Her mother was executed when she was less than three years old and she had to face abuse by the husband of her step mother.When her step sister Mary I became Queen, Elizabeth was imprisoned and.
  4. Download our Key Facts & Trends 2017 Infographic (PDF, 168KB) Economic impact * Latest Figures to Economic value of tourism 2016. Taking into account direct and indirect impacts (including aspects like the supply chain), tourism in England contributes £106 billion to the British economy (GDP) and supports 2.6 million jobs
  5. 17 Facts About The Victorian Era That You Genuinely Won't Believe. GUYS THEY ALL WORE CROTCHLESS PANTS WTF. by Hilary Mitchell. BuzzFeed Staff. 1. Women's underwear was.

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20 facts about London's culture. 84% of Londoners think that the city's cultural scene is important in ensuring a high quality of life. (GLA/ICM research). View this post on Instagram . A post shared by Culture Mile London (@culturemileldn) on Aug 28, 2018 at 9:47am PDT . 6 Although the period known as the Black Death ended in 1351, the plague continued to return to Europe, with epidemics every few years through the end of the 15th century. [4] The first named victims of the plague died in 1338 and 1339 in the area around Lake Issyk Kul (Lake Baikal) in Russia, where a grave marker says, In the year of the hare (1339) Facts about the Renaissance The Renaissance was a period in history between the 14th and 17th Centuries, associated with a wave of new artistic, scientific and cultural achievements. The French word renaissance literally means 'rebirth', and was first seen in English in the 1830s Facts about Henry the 7th 8: claiming the throne. The throne of England was claimed by Henry the 7th from his mother family line. Henry the 7th Facts Facts about Henry the 7th 9: death of Henry the 7th. On April 21st, 1509, Henry the 7th passed away in Richmond Palace because of TBC. Check Also: 10 Facts about Henry the 8t

Scottish referendum: 50 fascinating facts you should know about Scotland . Scotland has been part of the United Kingdom for more than three hundred years, but it is unlike anywhere else in Britain There were two other important battles in 1066 Harold Godwinson and William of Normandy were not the only contenders for the English throne in 1066. Harold's banished brother Tostig invaded England with King Harald Hardrada ('hard ruler') of Norway and his Norwegian army 10 Facts about Smuggling in Georgian England Simply Romance Posted on March 10, 2015 by Alina K. Field March 9, 2015 A few months ago I posted about hunting in Georgian and Regency England and about how the peace that followed the Napoleonic Wars impacted the economy and hunting laws of England We all know Maine is the largest state in New England, but it can be easy to forget just how big this state is. In fact, the state's biggest and most northern region, Aroostook County, takes up.

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Become an Expert about the History of the Settlement of the New England Colonies in Colonial America by Reading Interesting and Important Facts about the History of the New England Colonies in Early America on KidInfo.com's New England Colonies Homework Help Resource Page We've looked at Australia's quirkiness and some amazing facts about South Africa This month, we turn our attention to New Zealand, with the Top 20 Interesting facts about this nation. The world's first commercial bungee jump was a 43 metre leap off the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown in 1988 1. France is the largest nation in Western Europe, with countries like Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Andorra and Monaco sharing its boundary. 2. It has nearly 3000 miles of seashore, with three major water bodies: the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and the English Channel. 3. It is also referred to as L'Hexagone, whic

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The first international game took place in 1881 between Wales and England. Throughout 1907 and 1910, the Welsh were undefeated. The world's first radio message sent by Guglielmo Marconi in 1897 took a 3 mile journey from Larvernock Point, south of Penarth, Wales, to Flat Holm in the Bristol Channel In 1707 the Act of Union was signed, meaning Scotland, England and Wales were now a single state with one monarch (known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain). In 1745 Charles Edward Stuart, or 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' as he is often known, travelled to Scotland to reclaim the thrones that his grandfather, once king of England, Ireland and Scotland, had lost in 1668 Rwanda is a better country for gender equality than England and USA. Somalia got its first ATM on October 7, 2014. South Africa has the most Grammy award winners in Africa. Ethiopia has the most airports in Africa. Ethiopia's economy is growing faster than China's. Eritrea's President, Isaias Afwerki is the least richest President in Africa Here are 10 Tower of London facts. 1. It was built as a royal palace and a defence system. executed at the Tower of London was a German spy Josef Jakobs on August 15th 1941 after being caught parachuting into England. He was seated in a chair when he was shot The Thirty Years' War is a name given by historians to a series of conflicts in Central Europe, which occurred in the years 1618-1648. Today it is estimated to be one of the lengthiest and most violent conflicts in European history. What originally commenced as a feud between the Protestant and the Catholic countries, within the area previously known as the Holy Roman Empire, gradually.

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In New England, the rocky soil and long winters made farming difficult, but the cities by the ocean became important port cities for ships from England to come and trade goods The Crown Jewels are so important to England that special care was taken to hide them from the Nazis during World War II. A royal librarian recently unearthed evidence that showed that the jewels were stored in a secret room 60 feet below Windsor Castle, which could only be accessed by descending a very long ladder England have only ever hosted the tournament once in 1966, which was also the only time they ever won the tournament, defeating Germany in a dramatic last-minute 4 - 2 win. They think it's all over, it is now. Almost half of the world's population, that's 3.2 billion people, tuned in to the 2014 World Cup

Facts about Roanoke 5: a military base. Since England and Spanish were not friends, Raleigh had to establish a military base according to the charter from the Queen so that the activities of the Spaniard were counteracted by the English 25 Regal Facts About Queen Elizabeth II. BY Sean Hutchinson. October 1, 2018 (Updated: April 19, 2019) Jane Barlow, Pool/Getty Images They compete as England and Wales cricket team. In fact, whenever England hosts a cricket world cup, Wales also participates as a hosting nation. Even if we look at the most recent edition of the cricket world cup, it was advertised around the world as 'World Cup 2019, England and Wales'. Both the countries hosted the tournament together

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Find information about Scotland on history, wildlife, nature, geography, arts and culture and Scottish icons and get ideas on attractions to visit General information and facts about South East England presented in a series of FAQs based on questions we receive from our website visitors. For extensive information on things to do, places to visit, events and accommodation, please visit the relevant section of this website or view the site map to see what we cover

One of the more popular landmarks to tour in London is Westminster Abbey. In fact, each year, over 1 million visitors explore this magnificent church with over 1000 years of heritage, taking in all the building's rich history on their own or with a qualified Blue Badge Tou rist Guide.. Below we highlight eleven facts about Westminster Abbey Fact 1: It is said that cricket originated in England. Since they used to raise sheep, the grass was so short that it was possible to roll a lump of wool on it which they used as a ball. Fact 2: The first recorded game was played in 1646, and later fines were handed out for those who missed the church to play Below are 20 fun facts you most likely didn't know about Boston. 1. Boston is actually named after a town in England. Source: Flickr. It's true! The city that's an icon of the American Spirit is named after a town in England. Many of Boston's early settlers were from Boston, England, and decided to keep the name. 2 Interesting and Fun Facts about Castles. For a long time, the majority of castles were made from wood. Some were kept in functional state for 4 or 5 centuries! The majority of ancient castles that survived tooth of time are either destroyed, turned into monuments or converted for public uses. However, some are still inhabited by their original.

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Here are 25 Interesting Facts about Scotland that you probably didn't know before reading this! To make this even more fun, the first international football match ever was played between Scotland and England. 5. The Scottish New Year celebration is quite unique Scotland played an important role in the First World War, but after the Second World War, the country's economy began to crumble. The Geography and Climate in Scotland. Scotland's only land border is with England to the south India pays interest on England's debt, which, in 1900, amounted to £244,000,000 sterling, and which annually increases. Besides this, she pays for all of the officers, civil and military, and a huge standing army, pensions of officers, and even the cost of the India Office Building in London, as well as the salary of every menial servant of that house

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